Originally founded in 1923 as Kuramoto General Store, Kuramoto Ice was established during the third generation of family ownership, when we decided to focus solely on manufacturing high-quality ice for restaurants and bars. Since then, our company has embraced customer feedback, continuously adjusted our products to satisfy our customers’ needs, and developed exquisite and highly functional ice. One such product is “Kachiwari L.” Originally, many cocktail bars in Japan would purchase blocks of ice that they then cut to desired size. Aiming to simplify our customers’ operations, in 1970 Kuramoto Ice started offering “Kachiwari L,” large-sized artisanal hand-cracked ice (about the size of a fist). Currently, we offer custom cuts to meet a variety of customers’ needs. In 2015, we established a new ice manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 10 tons a day and strengthened our hygiene and safety protocols so that our customers can fully enjoy our high-quality ice with peace of mind.


Kuramoto Ice Company excels in clear ice manufacturing and processing technology. Junpyo (“pure ice” in Japanese) refers to ice that is made by slowly freezing drinking water at around 14° Fahrenheit while agitating it for over 48 hours in a hygiene-controlled facility. It is characterized by its high transparency, hardness and slow melting properties. Water’s pure components freeze first, therefore by slowly freezing our water, we create an environment where impurities such as minerals are not captured in the finished ice. Furthermore, extended agitating eliminates micro air bubbles in the ice, resulting in exceptional clarity. This is how our ultra-clear and highly dense ice is made. By spending extra time and effort, we produce beautiful ultra-pure luxury ice with nearly zero impurities. Our slow-melting ice retains the original flavor of your drink without diluting it. Our clear ice contains close to zero microorganisms, however, we pay the utmost attention to safety by regularly sending samples to the certified lab for testing. Furthermore, we have implemented a HACCP program to assure product safety, and plan to obtain FSSC22000 certification with an eye on expanding our business globally.


Kuramoto Ice is a well-established, family-owned company with about 100 years of history, and is the oldest ice manufacturer in the city of Kanazawa. We also like to say we are the newest, as we have kept our business vital for a century by being flexible and constantly evolving with the changing times. Our logo, the hexagon, embodies this strength and perseverance. The hexagon is considered a symbol of powerful evolution and innate strength nature. For example, honeycomb is comprised of many contiguous hexagons, and is one of the sturdiest structures in nature. Cells represent the building blocks of life and are also hexagonal in shape. And ice crystals, despite appearing to take many shapes, derive their infinite beauty from their underlying hexagonal structure. In the Kuramoto Ice logo, the six differently-colored triangles represent the staff members who all face the same direction together, ready to continue evolving with the times.